They Rescued This Baby Koala & Brought Her Home For THIS Reason. Watch What She Does! LOL!

The workers at Symbio Wildlife Park began rearing Imogen the koala by hand after she was born. Certainly, hand rearing a koala was not an easy decision for them. But, when another koala named Harry, who was a lot younger than Imogen lost his mother, the wildlife group had to find a better way to ensure the survival of both the babies.

This amazing clip was compiled to show the daily life of this baby koala as she is being cared for by her human friends. These workers made a decision to make Imogen’s mother act as a foster mother for Harry, while feeding Imogen themselves. This incredible clip shows how baby Imogen is being looked after and how she spends her days with her caretakers!!

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Watch Imogen’s story! This amazing journey will have you mesmerised!

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