Rescued Baby Peacock Finally Learns How To Peacock And It’s Adorable

Drew was a baby peacock rescued from a dumpster. Now that he’s six weeks old, he’s suddenly learned to flaunt his little stubby tail feathers. Although he doesn’t have much to show yet, Drew is very proud of his peacocking and wants to share it with everyone at the park.

Drew is a baby peacock rescued from a dumpster in Kingsland, Georgia. He was given to a family to raise, and it’s clear they take very good care of him. Except, like all moms, Drew’s mom likes to tell embarrassing stories about him, like the time he first learned to peacock, and he didn’t have the feathers to display.

Drew struts around the park making his mom laugh with the proud display of his stubby little tail feathers. She can’t help but laugh as he shows how tough he is to blades of grass, small sticks, and park visitors that happen to be sitting nearby. When he’s bigger this sort of display will be impressive. For now, it’s funny and adorable.