A Rescued Boxer Saves Mama Cat And Kittens… So Darling!

It’s always nice to see those who are willing to help those in need. If you have been in the same situation that another is going through, it can make it that much easier to understand where they are coming from. On top of this, it can be very important to have the understanding and need or desire within you to help those in need. When Gina was living with her previous family, she wasn’t treated well. She was abused and left to experience many different things that no loving creature should have to suffer through or even experience. When she was rescued it took a lot of time for her to be able to emotionally recover as well as physically recover. When you go through the kind of things that Gina has been through, it can be easy to try to help or have a desire to help those in need.

That’s exactly what she ended up doing, when she found a mama cat and her kittens abandoned, Gina knew that she had to act. She thought back to all those times that she was suffering and there was no one there to help. She did her best to remember those sad times and had a desire to make sure that no one had to suffer through those same experiences. So when she stumbled upon a mama cat and her family of kittens, who were cruelly abandoned by their family, Gina knew she had to act. She knew that she had to try to limit their suffering as much as possible. Wouldn’t you know it that the rescued Boxer ended up saving a family and becoming a rescuer herself.

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