This Rescued Calf Thinks He Is One Of The Dogs He Lives With. But What He Did When No One Was Around?

When you go online you are able to see all sorts of different stories and videos. You can literally find anything you could possibly think of and because of the endless sources given to us by the online world we are able to find anything we could possible want.

Many of these videos and stories that we are looking for involve animals. We just love animals and want to learn, watch and know as much as possible about them. We go out of our way to watch as many animal videos as we can and we can honestly say that we just can’t get enough of them.

It is from us watching all those different videos that we find some of the most fascinating stories out there. This is one story that we found that we think you will really enjoy. It is about a little calf who believes he is actually a dog.

A family took in a little calf who was abandoned by its mother and raised it as one of the family. This family already had a pet dog who happened to be a Great Dave so the little calf felt right at home with the larger dog. The family named the little cow Goliath and from the moment they brought him home they started having fun with him.

Little Goliath loves his family very much and actually believes that he is in fact a dog. He acts like a dog, plays like a dog and tries to copy everything that family dog does. He even has been caught eating the dogs food and has broken into the house to lay on the couch, just like the family dog does.

This little calf definitely hit the jack pot when it comes to their family. This little guy is destined to having a happy and healthy life with his family and they are more than a little dedicated to making sure Goliath has everything he needs to be healthy and thriving calf.

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