This Rescued Calf Thinks He Is One Of The Dogs. But What He Did When No One Was Around? LOL!

It’s common knowledge that human beings go through an identity crisis when they’re in their teenage years. After all, it’s the moment in one’s life when you figure out who you really are. Nevertheless, I never expected that animals could go through something very similar themselves. But the video below will show you that it’s perfectly possible. The star of the following clip is a baby cow who is going through some tough times, regarding her identity. You’ll never expect the problem she got herself into!

Since the little calf grew up around lots of dogs so far, she started to believe she’s one of them and acts just like a dog herself! The name of the rescue calf is Goliath, and she was brought home after she was found wandering through the grasslands alone. After she arrived, she was warmly welcomed by the family of Great Danes, and has felt like a member of their pack ever since then. The best part definitely was when mom and dad were out of the house, though!

It’s so adorable that she believes it so much, she even tries eating the same food as the dogs. You can watch this adorable baby cow for yourself in the video right below, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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