Rescued cat can’t stop saying “mama” to woman who saved him

Rescued cats

You will come across many people who prefer to keep dogs as pets instead of cats. Brenda was no different. However, she soon changed her mindset towards cats after getting two black cats as her new pets.

Rescued cat

Some time ago, Brenda got in such a situation that she could no longer take care of dogs. Nonetheless, she wanted a pet for herself. Brenda had decided on one cat as her pet. But soon, she had to change her plans.

She got in touch with East County Animal Rescue in San Diego. She told them that she was looking for a cat that wasn’t getting adopted. Soon, they contacted Brenda saying that two black cats could not find a family to look after them.

Rescued cat

When Brenda saw the two black kittens, she immediately adopted them. She named the two kittens Bart and Milhouse. Although the two brothers looked a lot similar, their personalities were different. Bart was the funnier and quirkier of the two, where Milhouse was calmer.

The two cats were born on the street, and their mother was a feral cat. Bart always knew how to charm his human mother as a spunky and curious cat. He is often found air chomping around and loves to be in front of the camera.

Rescued cat

On the other hand, Milhouse is more affectionate and sweet. He would often stare at his human mother as if he was staring straight at her soul. Bart was very chatty. He would often call out to his mother, saying “mama” repeatedly.

Millhouse loves to sit by the window and birdwatch all the time. The two brothers are seldom away from each other. Even when Brenda clips their claws, the two prefer to stick together. Milhouse had a laid-back attitude and would have been chubbier if not for Bart, often forcing Milhouse to play with him.

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