Rescued Cat May Be Blind, But The Overwhelming Sense Of Cuteness Left Me In Awe! Too Good!

It’s hard when you are slightly different from people. When it limits or blunts one of your senses, it can be unfair and seemingly unequal. Sometimes, it’s important to focus on the positives, acknowledge the negatives, but don’t let them control how you act. Let them be a place of understanding rather than a place of limiting. There are so many reasons “Why not,” for any situation, and if we focus on that, we’ll be here all day. However, there’s always at least one good reason “why” something can be accomplished. If we focus on the good that we can do than the reasons why we can’t accomplish something seem to fade off into the distance. Through our actions, we can change anything to a measurable degree. In Rey’s case, it seems as though all that was needed was a little thinking outside the box to make this adorably precious little darling happy as heck. I know when I first saw Rey, I was overcome with a sense of wonder and curiosity. I didn’t see the obvious solution to making the little huggable furry friend happy.

When it comes to Rey’s adorable story of perseverance, many can find themselves clutching their hearts in suspense. The small darling kitten certainly has a way about him. He wasn’t born like the other kittens. Rey was born without sight which has limited his ability to play some of the normal cat games. Yet, with a little ingenuity, they found the perfect toy for Rey to play with.

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