Rescued Chihuahua Pup Becomes Best Friends With A Huge Great Dane! They Look ADORABLE Together!

There are many kinds of dogs, and each of them has their own traits and personalities depending on the dog’s breed. Smaller pups have their own character, while bigger dogs are completely different. But that doesn’t stop them from getting along just fine! Like the dogs shown in the clip below, teaching us that friendship comes in every size.

In the clip, we see a very small Chihuahua who was rescued from the streets making his first new friend after that difficult stage in his life. This adorable little pup had not gotten close to any of the other rescue dogs in the shelter, until he met this guy! Sasha, a gigantic Great Dane, is very happy to join him and play round with him without any hesitation. I love cute moments of dogs getting to know each other and becoming best friends in an instant!

It’s pretty obvious that Sasha likes the little guy immediately, and the Chihuahua himself isn’t intimidated by his friend’s enormous size at all! The size difference only makes the experience way more fun for the both of them, and they look to be already on their way to becoming best friends.

Watch this adorable doggy video right below!

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