This Rescued Cow Was Reunited With Her Baby Calf! They Had Been Separated By Their Abusive Owner!

The Gentle Barn is an animal sanctuary that doubles up as an initiative to help special-needs kids through animal therapy. They rescue abused animals and help them rehabilitate in turn, recently rescued a mother cow named Karma. But the team didn’t know that Karma’s previous owners had hidden Karma’s baby, Mr. Rojas, in order to sell him off to a slaughterhouse.

As a result, when The Gentle Barn brought Karma back to the sanctuary, she cried the whole night because she was missing her dear baby. Fortunately, the team went above and beyond, they went back to the terrible owners and demanded that they bring Mr. Rojas back. Fortunately they were successful.

In the video below, we see the reunion between Mom and son. The moment Karma sees a trailer pull up; she calls out, hoping that Mr. Rojas is inside. Once Mr. Rojas emerges, Karma’s reaction says it all. It was difficult holding back tears as I watched this video. As a mother myself, I know just how difficult it is to be separated from my children, and it is obvious that Karma’s grief was due to this separation!

I’m so happy to see them together once more; this beautiful reunion brought me to tears!

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