Rescued Dog Was Barely Alive When He Was Saved, But After They Treat Him? WOW!

The images we will show you in the video below can be quite shocking to certain audiences, so we recommend discretion for everyone reading at home.

The story we featured today is devastating, but it’s a little glimpse of the reality that many stray dogs face every day. The doggy in the video below was rescued in a truly horrible state. You can barely tell if he’s alive or not when you see him, and you can see how the rock-hard mange has almost completely taken over all of his fur, in the few places where he actually has any fur left at all. His rescuers were shocked when they saw him, but they were confident that with the right treatment and care taken, he had great chances of pulling through.

This poor pup looks like barely more than a pile of dirt and trash in the road, but he had to live in this condition for a very long while to get to this point. The life saving organization called Animal Aid Unlimited, particularly the India division, were the heroes that were behind the recording of this video and the saving of the dog.

Thankfully he was able to make it in time, thanks to them! Watch this dog’s incredible transformation in the clip just below.

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