Rescued Dog Gets Saved From Euthanasia By This Kind Woman. What A Hero!

No matter what their character might be, it’s important to remember that every dog was a puppy once. If one dog happens to have a very troublesome personality, that doesn’t mean he’s impossible to correct and should be put to sleep. Trouble dogs need patience and understanding to be able to trust people again, and when they do receive it, the results can be amazing. This was exactly the case for Cerberus, the dog featured in the following video we brought to you today. He was rescued from an abandoned prison in Johannesburg, in South Africa, and since he was labeled as dangerous, he was going to be euthanized.

It was thanks to the kind woman, who also uploaded the video, that this poor pup was able to live on to recover and eventually become the loving dog he was always meant to be. She’s an incredible “dog listener”, who can understand what dogs feel and think to a very deep level, and she uses this ability to connect with them and gain their trust. This helped Cerberus to become rehabilitated, and after living with her, they became best friends. Their story is touching beyond what words can describe!

Watch this awesome story in the clip below.

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