Rescued dog is mom’s little helper, carries groceries and feeds birds

Mya, a rescued Pitbull, would run out of her house every morning and return with something in her mouth. Bri, the dog’s mom, had adopted the dog from a shelter when she was just 9 months old.

The poor girl would not eat anything. However, as soon as the owner started incorporating more raw food into her meals, the Pitbull got interested and became highly enthusiastic about her meals.

Mya would grab her food bowl probably four or five times a day and yell at her mom with the bowl in her mouth. She sounded exactly like Chewbacca, the fictional Star Wars character.

Bri thought that the Pittie was a ball of wiggles and looked like a dancer unable to control her body while wiggling her tail. Her body couldn’t contain the excitement. Mya’s excitement would grow stronger and stronger towards mealtime.

Mya loved to help her mom. Bri was remodeling her house, and Mya decided to help her with the work. She made the work more exciting and fun. The little helper even thought of painting the walls with her mom and took the paintbrush into her mouth.

She carried several tools in the tool basket and even helped her mom carry the grocery bag when she returned home. The little one waited by the dog to take the grocery bag off her. She even helped Bri feed the birds.

Mya really liked to have a job. Bri was pleased that she could help the Pitbull overcome her fear and dislike for food to have a whole drawn-out performance. Bri loved Mya a lot and couldn’t think of a life without her.

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