This Rescued Dog Is Looking For A New Home. When You Hear His Story, You’ll Be Moved To TEARS!

Sometimes, pets can do anything for their owners, even after only having met them for a little while. Especially dogs, who thanks to their loyalty are able to stick with their owners through the toughest of times. Such is the case of the pit bull dog featured in the video below, who now needs to find a new permanent home after having done a heroic act. His name is Dose, and he was adopted from a local shelter in Inverness, Florida. On the same day of his adoption, his owner suffered a heart attack, and if it wasn’t for Dose, he might not have made it.

He might only have known the man for a few hours, but he still did his best to help him. Sadly, a few weeks after the incident, the owner had to give him away for adoption again, because he was unable to keep him. The people at the shelter made this video so that he might get a better chance of being adopted. As he has shown, he’s very loyal and friendly, and he’s highly energetic and ready to play all the time. What an adorable hero!

To see him in action, check out the video below. Share the video with your friends and family too! You never know; you could help him get adopted again.

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