Rescued Dog Saves Owner From Fiery Death!

Many people love pets for various reasons, but there’s one thing we shouldn’t do. And that’s to underestimate how valuable they are in our lives and the HUGE part they play in what we do, who we are and how we live. When Drew decided to adopt a dog, he went to the shelter, but was thinking of getting a Golden Retriever.

He almost didn’t see Carl until he walked past the cage. Keeping in mind he wanted to get a different dog, he almost didn’t choose this Spaniel mix. Only two years old, Carl was a well mannered dog, in fact, so much so that Drew thought there was something wrong with the pooch. He didn’t bark for the first three weeks he had him.

It all changed on the 21st of January when Carl found his voice. Acting strange all day and being restless, Drew knew something was up. But nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He took the dog for their customary 10pm walk and the dog didn’t want to go back home. When Drew slept off, he was woken up a few hours later to a frantic Carl who didn’t let him go back to bed. After a while, Drew saw why. There was smoke everywhere and there was a fire in his apartment!

The fire had been smoldering in the apartment walls all day and Carl was aware of this and that’s why he was restless and frantic. The dog sensed the danger before the smoke detectors and alarms even were aware of it. The rescued dog became the rescuer in this case. How the tables were turned!

Now known as ‘Carl the Wonder Pup’, the apartment residents are all thankful to the canine that saw the danger before they did. What did you think of this heroic story? I love the way pets always have our best interests at heart. Do you have a pet? This situation ever happen to you? Let us know! Write to us in the comments section below! And don’t forget to SHARE to let the world know what true heroes pets are and the importance of adopting a rescue dog!

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