They Rescued These Three Dogs. When I Looked At Them Closely, I Saw THIS Devastating Truth!

Noah, Abby and Mary are triplets who were rescued from an abusive puppy mills when they were just 5 months old. When rescuers found them, they weighted only 2 and half pounds, which is really a devastating. They were sick and traumatized, and on top of that all three of them were born with disabilities.

After the rescue, Noah, Abby and Mary set out for the journey of recovery. Two of them couldn’t use their hind legs while one of them had to go through spinal surgery. All three of them were very malnourished so the rescuers had to feed them four times a day. After four months, Noah, Abby and Mary gained a lot of strength and recovered completely. Now Noah and Abby walk around in their wheel chair while Mary is blind but her legs are completely fine.

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