Rescued Elephant and Abandoned Black Lab Become Inseparable Best Buds

The unlikeliest pair of friends came to be in South Carolina after an Elephant met a black lab. The match made in heaven happened when Myrtle Beach Safari brought in a shy and abandoned dog named Bella.

In 1983, Bubbles the Elephant was brought to the safari after ivory poachers killed her parents. After being rescued, she quickly became healthy, happy, and had an overall great time living her new life with loving volunteers.

Twenty-five years later, Myrtle Beach Safari adopted Bella, and it didn’t take long for her and Bubbles to hit it off. The two besties love running around together for hours on end, on the 50-acre preserve.

Despite their size difference, there’s a rare gentle bond between these two creatures. It’s heartwarming to see the love Bella and Bubbles have for each other. We hope they get plenty of long and joyful years together.