Rescued from slaughterhouse, 200 fluffy foxes find safe haven in a village

If you know a bit about Japan, you will see that it has magical and irresistibly beautiful sanctuaries. You must have heard about cat island or bunny island, an obscure village overrun by rare foxes.

The obscure village overrun by foxes was known as the Zao Fox Village. It is located high up in the mountains of Miyagi (Japan). It has different breeds of foxes roaming freely. Yes, the foxes are found everywhere your eyes can look.

This is not an exaggeration. There are around 200 foxes of several species (at least six). Some species included were the red fox, platinum, and silver fox. They have been rescued from slaughterhouses, and the village was a heaven for people who loved foxes.

The village of foxes was opened to the public in the 90s. Tourists from different countries would come to this place to see beautiful foxes roaming around freely. These tourists would spend time with the foxes.

According to the locals, there is a folklore that foxes were mythical creatures living with humans during ancient times. The Japanese called them kitsune (foxes that possess paranormal abilities. These abilities would increase as they got older and wiser).

The Japanese believed these foxes were messengers of the Shinto Inari spirits. The residents thought these were the deity of rice, fertility, and prosperity. In addition, these creatures could shape-shift and possess mystical powers.

The fluffy and adorably inquisitive creatures were a rare beauty. To see them so closely wasn’t something you would find anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, the village was a tourist attraction with an admission fee of about ¥1,000. But it was free for students and young children.

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Rescued from slaughterhouse, 200 fluffy foxes find safe haven in a village