Rescued horses run freely without fear; what a glorious start to a new day!

horses running

Horses are also known as Equus caballus, is a one toe hoofed animal that can be domesticated. They have evolved for over 45 to 50 million years. Humans had started to domesticate these beautiful and fast animals in 4000 BC.

They are fast runners and have a strong sense of balance. They can sleep while standing or lying down. The female horse is called Mares, and the baby of the horse is known as a foal.

Any horse that has been beaten, starved & neglected, and later are saved by an animal welfare organization is known as a rescued horse. This organization rehabilitates these innocent beings and takes care of them.

horses running

Jacob Ridge Animal Sanctuary is also one such organization where many rescued horses live free and are rehabilitated. This is a protected environment for these tortured and emotionally broken souls.

The horses run freely and graze freely. They are happy that the winter is over and love running around the whole place. Horses here love Springtime. They love it when the sanctuary is filled with green grass.

All the horses that were brought here were rescued animals. However, now they have regained their health and are healthy and look very happy. But unfortunately, when they came to the sanctuary, these animals were emotionally broken.

Making them trust humans again is a difficult task that was nicely accomplished by the caregivers working here at the sanctuary. However, it took a lot of time and effort to help them.

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