Rescued hummingbird refuses to leave adopted dog that was her saviour. Amazing!

There are surprises in life, but ones that show how much a person has truly changed and the influence even a small creature can have on our lives. When Ed Gernon first met Rex, this shepherd mix was a feral dog that attacked other dogs and killed cats. Used to living on his own and fending for himself, his life underwent a huge change once he was adopted by Ed.

Just a month had passed after Rex was adopted, and he was still learning how to control his feral instincts and to become a little more domesticated when the dog noticed something on the ground. The small creature looked dead and had no feathers and was covered with ants. Ed thought that the creature was surely dead but also gave it a second look.

It was barely alive! Ed reasoned that if Rex, his dog, could show so much concern over a frail, helpless creature after his violent past, then Ed could go the distance as well. He nursed the hummingbird back to good health, feeding it a sugary concoction every 15 minutes.

Now lovingly known as Hummer, the bird refuses to leave the house where Rex lives, even though the doors and windows are left open for him to fly free. Watch how Rex even shares his water bowl with the bird!

It’s amazing how life comes around full circle. The rescued dog rescues the bird, who in turn, indirectly rescues the house’s members. This was a really touching story of how when you do good to others, good things happen back to you.

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