Rescued momma dog gives birth to seven adorable pups

Rescued momma dog

Hazel is a pregnant Dachshund who was rescued from a puppy mill. And just in the nick of time, as she was pregnant and needed a loving home to get her through it. Janice, her foster mom, intended to take care of Hazel and her pups once they were born before finding them their forever homes.

The first few days, Hazel would come out of the area allocated to her and then go inside as soon as she saw someone. So, Janice would just sit with her and give her treats. She would not make direct contact at first.

Gradually she became friendly, Hazel started to play with toys. She would sit on Janice’s lap without hesitation or fear. Her belly had started to grow big, which Janice found was too cute.

Rescued momma dog

Hazel had seven puppies in her belly. She was always around Janice as she felt safe with her. Hazel was not sure what was happening to her; she was confused and afraid.

When the first puppy was born, Hazel did not know that the puppy was born. However, after the second one was born, she understood everything that she needed to do.

Janice called the seven cute little puppies Häagen Dachs because their mother’s name was Hazel. She named them Peppermint Bark, Rum Raisin, Marshmallow, Cookie Dough, Truffles, Bourbon Cream, and Praline.

All the puppies were gorgeous. Janice’s grandchildren were fond of the puppies. They would run around the yard following their mother. Hazel would also race in the yard. Hazel stayed at the foster home for 4 months approximately, and the puppies moved on within 4 weeks. Hazel’s new mom adores her. Janice still misses her, but she is glad that she has found a loving home.

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