Rescued Pittie loves the drive-thru at McDonalds

When people rescue animals, it can be easy to fixate on their physical healing. While that is important, helping them heal emotionally is just as critical. Fortunately, this Pittie’s new foster mom knew that.

Laura knew the stray Pit Bull needed extra help the second she met her. She found the lonely pup living beside a dumpster. The dog was not aggressive, but she was frozen with fear.

The first time Laura put the Pittie in her car, the little one shook and quivered. And when she brought the Pittie, Cocoa Bean, home, she was just as overcome with terror.

“Once we got home, she wouldn’t move for [anything],” said Laura. “Her fear was so deep that she wouldn’t move, even when she needed to go potty.” For two weeks, Laura carried the Pit Bull around like a baby.

Laura knew she needed to help Cocoa Bean come out of her shell, so she decided to take her out to eat. “So, I started taking her to McDonalds,” said Laura.

It took time for Laura to overcome Cocoa Bean’s fear of car rides, but eventually, her plan paid off. “Cocoa Bean probably took 10 rides before she knew [what to expect] and started looking forward to it,” said Laura.

Because of Laura’s continued patience and the occasional fast food treat, Cocoa Bean blossomed into a happy, joyful dog. “I really cannot wait for Cocoa Bean to find her forever home,” said Laura.

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Rescued Pittie loves the drive-thru at McDonalds