Rescued Pony Was Playing In The Field. Now Watch What Happens When Her Owner Comes Along! WOW!

There are lots of neglected animals in the world. Some of them have to suffer all of their lives from abandonment and neglect, but thankfully, some of them are rescued before it’s too late. Xanthe was one of these lucky animals. She was rescued by World Horse Welfare and is now placed in a loving forever home. She and her owner, Ann Raeburn, now explore the Scottish Highlands together!

Ann adopted Xanthe from World Horse Welfare 15 years ago. They made their first journey through the hills together in 2009, covering 50 miles in the multiday trip. They now take multiday trips of over 200 miles together!

Xanthe is well trained to pull Ann in a cart, but when she has trouble, she doesn’t hesitate to ask for help. Ann then gets off and leads the pony up the hill. But Xanthe is very fit and throughout the winter, when she’s not on a trip, she retains that level of fitness. In March, it’s time to get clipped and shod and ready for another trip, and this pony knows something’s up. She gets very excited.

And Xanthe is no slacker when it comes to carrying equipment. Sometimes, when they are off the track, she has to carry some food and sleeping bags, depending on where the next stop is. She’s happy to do it, though. This is one spirited pony and owner. They are a perfect pair.

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