Rescued Puppy Throws Quite A Tantrum When Mama Won’t Let Him Lay On Her Lap. How Adorable!

Sometimes, mama or papa can be busy. It’s unfortunate but it happens, they are constantly trying to help not only us, but also themselves get ahead. This way they can focus more on spending time with loved ones. Sometimes our need for attention conflicts with their activities or travels. We tend not to understand, so we get frustrated and hurt. The result is a phenomenon that every single parent is familiar with- a temper tantrum.

Feared by all, the temper tantrum is a form of frustration boiling over the breaking point, no longer driven by logic, but by the pain of not getting your way. Usually, this act of outrage isn’t done in a convenient point of our day- it’s usually when we are out in public, balancing two gallons of milk in one hand and a baby in the other. The simple “No” Napoleon heard when it came to sitting on mom’s lap? Resulted in one of the more adorable tantrums I’ve seen.

Napoleon is a mix breed and his tiny little puppy face is confused and hurt. He wants to sit in mama’s lap so badly. He tries his best to be the cutest puppy in the entire world and makes weird sounds, trying to express just the level of outrage he feels. He wants it though, look at his little tongue and how cute he is! Still there must be boundaries. Especially when it comes to driving in the car. There’s dangerous and then there’s reckless.

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