This Rescued Retriever Gets To Pick Out Her Very First Toy. What She Chose? ADORABLE!

The Golden Retriever featured in the video below is called Roo. Roo never had any toys or so much as anything to chew. The poor thing grew up imprisoned, starved and neglected. But when this one year old pooch got rescued from abuse, things changed for the better. She gets a chance to experience love and care for the first time, and it is heartwarming.

After her rescue, this adorable girl was taken to a pet store for a special surprise. This was the first time she got to choose her own toy. It was the first toy she had ever received.  Just look at how well-behaved she is! She took some time to figure exactly what she wanted. Roo walked around the store on her leash inspecting all the toys carefully.

It seems like Roo really wants to make the right decision. If I was her new owner, I would probably buy her all of them! Roo sniffs and inspects and finally, she settled on a cute stuffed hedgehog. Excellent choice, Roo!

I think she chose a cuddly, stuffed toy so she can carry it with her and always have a companion. How sweet. Whoever gets Roo as a companion is sure to be the luckiest dog owner in the world. Even at such a young age, she is so well behaved and I’m sure she is grateful to be rescued. Wait till you see this fun shopping time!

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