They Rescued This Scared Homeless Dog. But What Happens Next? They Weren’t Ready For THIS!

Rescue From The Hart is a non-profit dog rescue organization that works with local and global communities to bring about positive change. They received an urgent call from another rescue organization called Legend Animal Rescue. They had secured a homeless dog in a yard and needed help to complete the rescue.

The dog resisted and put up quite a fight. She ran from them in this big yard and hid under a trampoline.  They ran all over the yard trying to capture her. Finally, she ran to a small space between a wall and the house, and they did manage to seize her. She was scared and fought the leash, but finally she tired out and was receptive to their touch.

They decided to name her Skye and she appears to be a husky or husky mix. It turns out Skye was pregnant with ten puppies! In fact, she didn’t really look pregnant when they captured her, but just a few days later she had her puppies and they were all healthy. Now they are in need of a forever home. Thank heavens she got rescued just in time!

Skye is an excellent, but tired mother as you will see in the clip. She’s yawning. It’s pretty cute. The puppies are strong and so cute and friendly. They even seem to like the camera and they have been well-cared for in their foster environment and need good forever homes.

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