Rescuers Come To House And Hear Strange Noises. They Come From The Weirdest Place!

Over the course of my writing about animal rescues, I’ve seen dogs and cats be found in everything from junkyards to being stuck in walls. This is the first time that I’ve heard of a dog being rescued from a sewage tank, though. Like the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything… though I never thought this would ever happen. The video shows just that. There are no wounds, but you might want to clamp your nose with a clothespin, though, to ward off the imaginary stink.

We see the rescuers come to a house where weird sounds are coming from the sewage tank, which is a rectangular hole in the ground. This is in India. A closer look reveals a dog has fallen in and is making the mournful noises. These men need to extract the pooch, but how can they do it? It’s not like they can lower a rope and catch the dog with that, since it’s far too dark. The thought of me going near there though would make me gag.

The rescuer who has to reach into the sewage tank seems to be thinking, “Of all the places that this dog could fall, why did it have to be a sewage tank?” If I were there, I’d want to put on a Hazmat suit. Then again, I’m weird about stuff like that. For some reason, I kept thinking about the end of “The Shawshank Redemption” when I saw this part. The pup is pulled out of the tank and put in the Animal Aid truck to be transported to the shelter.

At the shelter, he gets a full check-up and certain parts of his body are bandaged up. He also gets intravenous fluids and rests some. By the second day, he’s alert and walking around. Something must have happened to him on the streets, though, since he’s fearful of people. One of the workers, named Raj, is determined to break through to him. He holds treats out and then slowly, but surely, gains the dog’s trust that his hand will pet him, not hit him. By the end of the video, Raj is scratching the pooch’s head.

What a lucky dog that these rescuers from Animal Aid came on the scene. Have you found an animal in a weirder location? We’d love to hear your story in the comments. Please “Like” us on Facebook, too.

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