Rescuers Find Pregnant Daschund – Problem… She’s Paralyzed. What Happens Next? AMAZING

It’s terrible that somewhere out there in this country of ours, people are operating puppy mills without concern for the health and living conditions of the dogs and puppies that live in them. They will impregnate sick dogs just for the sake of getting more puppies out of them. I’d call these people monsters, but I find that to be an insult to monsters. This video shows such a scenario.

Rescuers found a pregnant dachshund named Maria. She was in rough shape, her hind legs were paralyzed. The rescuers couldn’t do anything about that at the time – she was going to give birth soon… and she did. The pups were named after a modified version of the “Von Trapp” family, they were assigned the last name of “Von Dapp”. It was all so cute and the puppies were ADORABLE

The best news is that after she gave birth to her puppies, Maria was able to get back to walking with all four of her legs. No more dragging herself by her two front legs. It’s disgusting that the people who owned her before were willing to impregnate her despite her condition. That shows an absolute lack of conscience. Fortunately, Maria is living well now, which is the ultimate revenge.

I’ll never understand what could go through these people’s minds when they watched her suffering. They probably felt that they could get good money for her puppies. That cash source is gone… and I hope they don’t have any other dogs. Sadly, other puppy-mill-types are out there, away from any kind of spotlight. They deserve to be shut down, and I hope that Maria continues to have a happy life.

Didn’t seeing Maria like this make you angry, too?

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