When Rescuers Found This Homeless Dog He Lashed Out In Fear!

Hope for Paws amazing animal rescue organization that aims to rescue animals that are destitute or abused. For eight years they have been helping out in the Los Angeles area and have made a huge difference to many of the animals that live in that region.

In this video they received a call about a little dog alone on the street. The dog was skittish and malnourished. The poor dog’s fur was all matted and the dog was looking very poorly. Rescuers couldn’t get near him because he kept running away, but eventually they were able to enclose him in a body shop.

The scared dog tried to bite the rescuers several times, but they persevered and offered the dog treats to slowly gain his trust. With a little love and care the dog was able to trust them and finally put on a path to health and happiness.

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