Rescuers frantically race to save dog from rising waters — then find something strange.

2017 left us with memories of the devastating flooding in Houston and other locations in southeast Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey. For some places, it was the second major flood in as many years. In May and June 2016, a freak weather system dropped a massive amount of rain, causing rivers to overflow their banks.

The 2016 flood sent the Brazos River to levels not seen in at least 100 years, leaving homes and businesses underwater. In Fort Bend County, near Houston, Sheriff Troy Nehls, local news reporter Phil Archer, and photographer Jeovany Luna were out in a boat crewed by Richard Allen and Jeff Shimek. They spotted an abandoned dog and not a moment too soon, either. The unfortunate animal had not only been abandoned but left chained to a fence in front of a house. As you’ll see in the video posted below, the flood waters were already up to the dog’s neck. How could anyone do this to a dog? Abandoning her was bad enough, but chaining her in place when flood waters were on the way was incomprehensible. The sheriff wasn’t happy: “This is infuriating. These residents will get a visit from me when they return.”

Archer and Shimek clambered out of the boat and waded over to the dog, unchained her, and then carried her to the boat. Although traumatized, the dog was doing a lot better once she’d had a nice, warm bath and a chance to dry off. Sheriff Nehls liked the 2-year-old border collie mix so much, he decided to adopt her, naming her Archer after one of her rescuers. As he proudly announced in a social media post: “I am happy to say the only water this girl will be in now is the swimming pool in my backyard! We picked her up today from the Houston Humane Society. Welcome to the family!”

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