Rescuers go on a special lunch date with a neglected Pittie

Hanah Hueston had always been involved in rescuing animals needing her help. Recently, she met a neglected Pitbull named Niko. The face of the poor dog was extremely swollen, and he had a big log chain wrapped around his neck.

The chain was so heavy that it was weighing down his neck. When Hanah tried to remove the chain, she found it rusted. Thus, they had to bolt cut it off. The adorable dog was very calm, as if he knew the rescuers were there to help him.

He knew that he was going to a good place. When Nico first came into the shelter, he was very shy and timid. But he became delighted once everybody gave him some treats and love.

Hanah contacted his owner, but they admitted they did not have the means to take care of him and decided to surrender their Pittie. The kind rescuer observed that being in the kennel was shutting Nico down.

So, one of the staff workers, Kelsi, decided that she would eat lunch with him on her lunch break. Nico really came out of his shell when he was with Kelsi. They started to spend time together and were extremely happy when she entered the room.

Nico was in the facility for nearly three months. After that, he moved with his foster family. Hanah was happy that Nico finally had a foster home. Nico & Kelsi knew that the dog enjoyed staying with his new family. Still, they wanted to go on a special lunch date with him.

The trio decided to visit the pet supplies store for the lunch treat and pick what he wanted to eat. They tried to make him something special, making him a beautiful “barkcuterie” board. The cute Pittie ate his delicious lunch and enjoyed it. The rescuers learned that Nico’s foster family had fallen in love with him and decided to adopt him, which was a piece of happy news for them.

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Rescuers go on a special lunch date with a neglected Pittie