Rescuers see frightened and homeless dog by railroad tracks, they capture his rescue on camera

Sad to say, there are countless stray cats and dogs in the world who lead harsh, unhappy lives. But there are people out there who work hard to help, rescuing animals and finding homes for them. To cite just one example, there’s Howl of a Dog, based in Romania. As they describe their mission: “We believe that raising awareness and helping humans learn to respect and protect the lives of other species we share this planet with will get us closer to our vision of making this world a better place for animals and for humans too.”

When the folks at Howl of a Dog were tipped off to a stray dog near a train station, they swung into action. The found the dog wandering aimlessly on the nearby tracks. They were worried that he might get hit by a train. For the same reason, it wasn’t safe to begin what could easily be a time-consuming rescue process out on the tracks.

By pursuing the dog, they were able to drive him to a safer spot away from the tracks. Eventually, he either realized these people were there to help or was no longer able to resist the treats that were being offered. Whatever the case, he turned out to be a friendly and gentle fellow. Getting a leash on him was no problem at all. They took him to a shelter for a veterinary check-up and a nice, warm bath. It turned out the dog, named Bobi, was microchipped and had wandered 10 miles from home. For whatever reason, his owner didn’t want him back. It was inexplicable: in addition to having such a sweet disposition, he was still playful and curious like a puppy despite being 9 years old.

Check out the video posted below to see Bobi’s rescue. The really wonderful news is that they found him a forever home in Delaware — a long trip but surely worth it!

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