Rescuers Are Sifting Through Rubble In Italian Earthquake. WHO They Found Was Amazing

Can you imagine what it would be like to be in the middle of a massive earthquake? One minute you’re fine and then the next minute the world has gone black around you and you can’t move? It’s a terrible situation that has played itself out all over the world many times over the past several centuries. Recently, Italy was the site of one of these natural disasters that disrupted the lives of many. There’s a video about a silver lining, though.

We see a news report about a cat named Gigia who had been stuck in rubble from an earthquake in Italy. Aside from being a bit dehydrated, he was fine after drinking water and having a vet exam. It’s amazing how resilient animals and people can be. Animals especially seem to have a tenacity towards staying alive in the most extreme of circumstances. Perhaps because it’s the only thing that they really know how to do.

Other animals were rescued from the disaster area, over 300 of them. The sight of dogs, cats, cows, and even roosters, standing in shelters warmed my heart. Yes, it’s great if people are rescued, they should be top priority in any search-and-rescue operation, but their companions also deserve to be looked for and found. They should be cared for if alive and given a proper burial if they aren’t.

My heart breaks for anyone who has had to withstand being trapped in debris from any natural disaster. It’s one of my biggest phobias, just being trapped and unable to move. Unfortunately, many of these stories do not turn out well. Gigia was fortunate to be a statistic on the right side of the ledger. Though we know that there are times that the story doesn’t end well, we still need good news like this.

Have you ever known anyone who was in this situation? What happened? Please tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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