These Rescuers Spotted A Foal Crying For His Mother, But Found Something When They Looked Closer

We don’t generally see wild horses running around here but in places like Europe it’s not unusual to see them run freely. It is indeed amazing to see these majestic animals running around. However there is a problem in this too. These free animals don’t usually have any humans near to help them when they are hurt or sick, but luckily that wasn’t the case in this next clip. These men found a horse in need just in time.

The kind heroes of the RSPCA U.K. (Royal Society for the Preservation of Cruelty to Animals), the oldest welfare charity in the world, stumbled upon a gorgeous white mare and her young foal in the wild. Unfortunately, one of the giant horse’s back legs was entangled in her mane, which forced her to stay in the ground. They don’t know how long she was on the ground, but this is not natural for a horse to lie down for long periods of time and this can cause problems with their hind legs, which was the case with this mare. The scared foal, seeing his mom’s situation, was running around terrified by the situation. It seems like it would be such a simple thing to remove her hoof from her mane, but a horse cannot do this for themselves. She is a wild mare and her mane had become quite long, which proved to be problematic.

But luckily these kind heroes helped the mother horse and her foal. The adorable foal can be seen jumping around with joy when he saw that the rescuers had come for help. They calmed her, released her foot from her mane, and trimmed it to hopefully prevent this problem in the future. In the end, she has some difficulty rising, but knows she must in order to care for her foal, and they trot happily off together.

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