Rescuers successfully trick a heartbroken leopard into taking her cubs back

Animals in the wild can certainly be unpredictable. Even for people who have dedicated many years of research, they are surprised by the way they sometimes act.

For mothers of cubs, instinct immediately takes over upon birth. The mother’s instinct is always to look after her babies. She will even put herself at risk to fend off a potential predator.

Predators are the main cause of death of young cubs in the wild. For instance, Lions tend to protect their young mainly from other lions.

What happens in the wild is this. An opposing group enters in enemy territory. Their first mission is scouting the place out. After they have located the cubs and the females, they will proceed to kill the males.

Once the males and the cubs are dead, they will take control of the remaining females. The females will be added to the group. The idea is to kill off any competition and to add more females to the group. This ensures more offspring and greater numbers.

In the case of cats, their biggest risk is bigger cats. Whenever a mother has cubs she will not let them out of her sight. There were cases when mothers abandoned their cubs.

This only happens if they have been separated for a long time. For some reason, the natural mother’s instinct wears off. If the cubs start looking for her she will go away.

A farmer found three leopard cubs. Apparently, they had been abandoned by their mother. As many other animals, leopard cubs are usually born blind.

This makes their survival almost impossible without their mother. This farmer contacted a rescue team called “Wildlife SOS.” This group has dedicated its whole existence to protect endangered species.

They also look after cubs of mothers who have been killed. Without the help of this group, the cub’s life is almost doomed. They try to find the mother so they can leave the cubs near her.

They need to be very careful because sometimes if the mother sees someone by her cubs, she might think they are a threat and will attack. Leopards are not as big as lions, but they have very deadly sharp teeth and a very mean bite.

They devise a plan to reunite the cubs with their mother. They placed the cubs inside plastic crates. They pile up the plastic crates to encourage their mother’s curiosity.

They also installed a camera so they can monitor what happens. They also must ensure that the cubs are not in danger by other animals. Sure enough, their mother comes back and starts to investigate.

She starts looking at the crates and smells them. At one point, she goes up on her back legs so she can take a closer look. After sniffing them, she decides to take them back.

She grabs one by one and takes them out of the crates. She makes sure they are cleaned and then leads them home. It is groups like Wildlife SOS that really make a difference in the wild. Many people believe that we should not intervene and just let nature take its course.

I think that if we can intervene to cause harm to animals, we can also do it to do good. At least once in a while.