Researchers Tested A Crow’s Intelligence. When You See His Results, Your Jaw Will DROP!

Most people don’t know it, but some bird species can reach levels of intelligence that rival even the smartest mammals, sans humans of course (or so we like to think). The best example of this is the crow. In the video we brought to you today, we meet Dr. Alex Taylor, an aviary researcher who tested the intelligence of this crow for his work. “007”, as the crow was officially known, is trying out a new type of intelligence test, that includes 8 different components in a single testing period. His findings are truly remarkable.

Amongst all wild birds, crows have been considered the smartest by all experts since long ago, even surpassing popular apex predators such as eagles and falcons. Of course, testing intelligence is a very complicated process, because there are many ways in which the data can be interpreted, but all experts agree that crows are at the top when it comes to animal intelligence, and many of them go as far as to say they are the second smartest, only after humans. It’s very interesting! I wonder if they could actually surpass us? Creepy!

When you see this crow’s results in the test, you’ll understand why they are the smartest. Watch the video just below, and don’t forget to leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section!

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