After This Respected Police Officer Passed Away, The Department Did Something AMAZING!

There are many police offers who give their 100 percent for many years, in order to serve their country and its people, and to protect our security. In the video we put below, you’ll see the story of one of them. His name was Joe Abdella, and he worked on the Detroit Police Department for 21 years. Joe was very respected and beloved, and he worked in many historic cases throughout his career, dealing with the meanest and most ruthless criminals of the city. He was even nicknamed “Capone”, for his tough-guy attitude.

After he passed away suddenly, from a heart attack, the whole department was devastated. In the video, you can hear them say that they still miss him every day, since he worked hard in any kind of case and always gave his full potential. He was very dedicated to the mounted unit in particular, so to honor and to keep memory of him, they named the newest horse member of the mounted police after him. It’s a very kind gesture that his family appreciated a lot, and that helps him live on and still have a presence in the service.

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