This Successful Restaurant Owner Decides To Close Shop! In the Name Of Love!

One has to ask himself from time to time what the real meaning of “disability” is. We use it casually to describe people born with different characteristics than the average human being, and apparently that’s enough to warrant a completely separate label. But again and again, we see amazing cases of people that achieve incredible things even with disabilities. The truth is that it’s just another false stereotype that we all have to deal with. There’s no better proof of that than the video we put below just for all of you.

The clip tells us the story of Tim, a restaurant owner from Albuquerque who has the honor to call himself the only restaurant owner with Down’s syndrome in the entire U.S.! He’s made his business a complete success all by himself, and even though that might sound incredible for some people, it’s only a little showing of the capacity of happiness and success that “handicapped” people can achieve. Tim has some bittersweet news to share with his customers: he’s closing down his restaurant to move to Denver with the love of his life, a woman named Tiffani. He plans to marry her and open a restaurant there to continue his inspiring story of success. Cheers to the happy couple!

Watch this beautiful story in the video right below.

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