Restaurant surprises blind woman braille birthday cake.

Restaurant surprises blind singer with birthday cake

Natalie Te Paa, a blind singer-songwriter, was surprised with a birthday cake that had a braille message on it. She was out for dinner with her producer Claire.

They were eating at a restaurant in London called Luciano by Gino D’Campo. Before the dinner, Claire spoke to some of the employees if something special could be arranged for Natalie’s birthday.

The lady who escorted Claire and Natalie to their table said she would see what they could do. After Natalie and Claire were finished with their meals, a waiter came to the table.

Restaurant surprises blind singer with birthday cake

In his hands, the waiter had two dishes of dessert. As he was placing it down on the table, he wished Natalie a happy birthday. On the cake was the message “happy birthday” written in braille.

Claire asked for Natalie’s hand, and Natalie gave it slightly confused. Claire then guided Natalie down to the cake, and that’s when the singer realized what it was.

Natalie was absolutely ecstatic and couldn’t believe a birthday wish for her was written on her dessert. Claire leaned back and let Natalie experience it on her own.

Looking up at the waiters, Natalie smiles and gives them thanks for all their work. She says it is the best restaurant dessert ever. Natalie could not stop smiling for the rest of the night.

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