Restaurant’s Response To Customer’s Complaint About Employee With Special Needs Has People Cheering

There’s no denying that every person you meet is an individual who has their own strengths and weakness. A manager at a Pizza Inn in Greensville, South Carolina, chose to stand up for her employee after an encounter with an unpleasant customer.

Amanda Cartagine explains that her employees are like family to her. One of the restaurant team members named Ryan Mosley was born with Down Syndrome and is one of her best employees.

When a customer asked Ryan to do something that he wasn’t capable of, they got mad. Amanda then stepped in, and the guest still wasn’t satisfied and suggested they put a sign on the door, warning customers that someone with special needs works there.

Flabbergasted by the ridiculous request, Amanda decided to take the higher road. She indeed put a sign on the door, but it read something the customer would’ve never expected. “We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and hire ALL of God’s children!” Good on you, Amanda.