The Result Of These Firefighters’ “Stayin’ Alive” Flash Mob Is Totally Epic

Firefighters are true heroes of the community, risking their lives day in and day out in order to save people in need. They do a selfless job, suiting up each morning knowing that there might be a day when they are unable to come home due to making the ultimate sacrifice. It’s amazing what these brave men and women do to keep the community safe, as firefighting is no doubt one of the most dangerous professions out there. They inspire us everyday with their determination and care.

While these men and women might have an incredibly tough job to do every single day, that doesn’t mean they can’t sit back and relax and share some laughs every so often just like the rest of us. They certainly deserve it after everything they go through! When you see the hilarious PSA that was put out by this dedicated fire department, you’re going to find yourself beaming from ear to ear. Good luck holding in your laughter – this performance is truly unforgettable!

This public service announcement was put on by Bruce Garner, Public Information Director of the Chattanooga Fire Department in Chattanooga, Tennessee. These firefighters sure know what it means to have a great time while simultaneously educating the community on important matters. Packed with both information and comedy, this video is one you won’t want to miss.

That’s right – these firefighters actually did a flash mob to the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive”! Funnily enough, if you perform CPR to the beat of this classic disco hit, you’ll be going at just the right speed that could allow you to save somebody’s life! Watch the video to see this demonstration for yourself. Then, give your friends a heads up on how they can save someone else and leave a comment below!