Retired couple shares insights to senior tiny house life

Sandy and Bill downsized to a tiny home and haven’t looked back. The couple prioritized multifunctional spaces, storage, and mid-century styles when searching for their dream home in Oregon.

Sandy believes multifunction is the key to a minimalist lifestyle, and her home shows it. The main living space can transition into a TV room, bedroom, living room, or viewing room, depending on the situation.

Their kitchen has many appliances, including a stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and toaster oven. Sandy’s Instapot is her most used kitchen item and will always have a place in her kitchen.

The couple’s bathroom required much thought in such a tiny shared space. They ended up including a toilet, a five-foot combination shower/tub, and overhead fans to keep the air moving.

One of the most-loved features of Sandy and Bill’s tiny house is the new freestanding deck addition. The deck added a lot of square footage to the house and encouraged the couple to think even more about how to use the space efficiently. Extendable tables and multiple chairs give them options for outside entertaining.

The location of their tiny house also factored into the couple’s decision. Large windows face a forest while the ocean is only a few blocks away. Sandy and Bill agree that the location is ideal, and they enjoy every moment of being out in nature together.

Sandy and Bill agree that tiny living was the greatest decision they could have made in their later years. The sense of freedom that came with the transition left them feeling unencumbered for the first time in years and able to truly find what is important to them.

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