Retired Military Dog Meets A Tiny Kitten. What Happens Next Will Melt Your Heart! Cute!

What’s the best reward for a long life of service? How about having the time to roll around on the floor with a newborn baby kitten? If you’re a retired military dog who served two tours in Iraq that might be just about right! In this heart-warming video, we get the pleasure of enjoying that simple reward together with a true hero!

Chef H067 served his country for many years in the United States Navy, doing explosive detection and patrol duties. Now, it’s time for him to relax and smell the roses, as they say.

There aren’t many animals in this world more irresistible than newborn baby kittens. Apparently, even big retired military dogs aren’t immune to that enticing kitty charm! It’s amazing to see how fascinated the big canine is with this tiny little cat. He chases her around, rolls her onto her back, and rubs her belly with his big snout!

The kitten is barely even the size of this massive dog’s paw, and yet, she is fearless. Chef must be giving out some positive vibes because this kitten isn’t scared of this large pup at all.

This clip reminds us that after a long life a good work, everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the little things. And that applies to dogs, too. Enjoy it Chef H067!

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