Retired Police Horse Will Continue To Work For The Public Good

It was a big day for the horse named Cowboy when he retired from being the LAPD’s mounted platoon after 18 years.

Cowboy, a 21-year-old horse who joined the force back when he was 3, was a very special horse often worked with the new recruits.

LAPD Officer Joe Willey, the head trainer for the department said that good horses, the so called school horses, are really important and valuable, as they are able to tolerate a person who doesn’t know really what they are doing.

This wonderful horse will continue to work for the public good doing another important job. Cowboy will work with children and young adults who suffer from disabilities at California’s Move a Child Higher, Inc.

A horse’s wonderful ability to help people has been proven with time. There are some cases when these wonderful creatures were useful, for instance, there is the famous story of the boy who came out of his shell after spending time with a horse at Bright Hope Riders in Indiana. And one can’t forget about the horses who help veterans overcome their post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) at Boulder Crest Retreat in Virginia.

Cowboy will come in handy and provide the same relief to those at Move a Child Higher.

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