Retired Woman Designs Impeccable 1,000 Square Foot Tiny House

When it comes time for retirement, many people opt for moving to a warmer climate or into a community with more retired individuals. A woman named Sandy had a completely different idea that’s rocking our worlds.

She decided to downsize to a 1,000 square foot home on wheels. Judging by the inside, you’d have no way of knowing that Sandy lives in a tiny house that can be towed behind her vehicle thanks to the incredible interior.

Sandy and her dog Zoey have plenty of room inside the tiny modern home. The living room has a couch, footstools, and a plethora of gorgeous natural lighting. There’s storage for electronics, pillows, and everything else you’d need to stow away.

There’s a stunning fully-functioning kitchen and bathroom that look like they belong in an expensive loft in Manhattan. We can’t get over the little details that truly make this place shine. Sandy’s inspiring people from all walks of life to opt for tiny house retirement living.