Returning Michigan Idol Amazes With Loss-Inspired Performance

Genavieve Linkowski appears on American Idol after her first attempt at fame, where she sang in season sixteen. The beloved performer lost her sister in the interim, infusing her music with emotion unparalleled in prior songs. From the moment that the Michigan idol started singing Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Love,” it was clear she had a strong deep connection.

Twenty-year-old Genavieve’s performance as the final of the evening concluded the auditions with brilliance. Applause from the judges concluded one of the strongest performances of the season, with Katy sharing “Genavieve, I just felt that song through and through.” Lionel Richie added, “Tragedy can either destroy you or make you stronger, you have actually grown, you are no longer singing, you are performing to the point where I just couldn’t stop watching you.”

Season sixteen contestant, Genavieve Linkowski, returns for season eighteen of American Idol. This time, with her sister fueling her spirit but no longer at her side, the talented twenty-year-old songbird delivered an amazing audition. She captured the essence of Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Love” with power and grace that captivates with each word.