Reunion between man and dog after months apart surpasses 1 million views

Shakespeare wrote, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Try telling that to a pet whose human parent isn’t home! Even if it’s just for an afternoon, a dog or cat will get anxious and when their human comes home, there’s going to be a rapturous reception. Now imagine you’re a dog and your human dad has been away for months. You’d have no idea what’s going on and probably wonder if something terrible happened.

This man had to go away for several months, so he left his furry friend Freya, a German shepherd, with his mother. At least she was staying with someone familiar, but still, there’s no substitute for daddy. When he finally did return, it was captured on video, which we’ve posted for you below.

He suspected Freya would be overjoyed when she saw him again — though he may have underestimated just how wild she’d go — so he arranged to hide out of sight while his mother brought the pining pooch out the front door. He gently says, “Freya…” when she emerges. At first, the dog lets out a loud and aggressive bark, perhaps thinking there might be an intruder. But when she recognizes her dad, she dashes over and puts on an unbelievable display of doggy emotion. Freya completely loses it, standing on her hind legs and licking his face like it’s a popsicle. She whines and squeals with joy; in fact, you’d swear she’s saying “Oh, my God! It’s you!” Just when it looks like she might be done, it’s back to standing on her hind legs and giving him kisses. They end up on the ground so Freya can get some well-earned belly rubs!

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