She Reunites This Horse With His Childhood Friend. Now Watch Out For The Horse In Red! AMAZING!

We are sometimes forced to part ways with our animal friends because of circumstances at a particular time. The joy of reuniting with our friends later can help to offset the pain of separation felt at that moment. We see a similar kind of situation in this video with Sue Blagburn and one of her horses.

Sue bred Arthur, a thoroughbred race horse, but had to sell him a few years ago because her life was very demanding and she couldn’t cope with everything. She repurchased him a few years later and takes him to meet his former playmates, William and Harry! She doesn’t know if they remember each other or how they will react after all these years.

She is pleasantly surprised as the horses greet each other and rekindle their old bonds and showing that animals never ever forget! When Arthur starts walking across the field, William and Harry both come running to greet him. It’s as if they knew he was coming, but what a wonderful surprise for all of them!

They greet each other as only horses can, and seem to go right back to where they were four years ago before they were separated. They stay very close together, running and rejoicing at being back together once again. Sue must be beside herself with happiness at having the chance to buy Arther back and bring him back home.

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