Revel in the Simplicity and Joy of Growing Up in the 1950s

Growing up in the 1950s was great, and these are some of the reasons why. You may fondly remember all these significant aspects of ‘50s living if you were a kid during that decade.

First of all, families could thrive on one income. It was easier to live off of one salary in the ‘50s, which led to more family time and easier living. Typically, Dad would go to work while Mom would handle just about everything else.

TV, shops, and movies represented this type of family life, and it was a piece of the ‘American Dream.’ Dinner time would feature families coming together to spend time around Mom’s home-cooked meal.

Families stayed connected by talking about their days over dinner. During this decade, owning a car was a sign of success, and most families had one car. Car time was actually more family time because everyone traveled together.

Kids would play with toys like Jax, dolls, and yo-yos. Most kids enjoyed spending time outside riding bikes with their friends. Popular playground games were ‘Red Rover’ and ‘Kick the Can.’

These games taught life values like sportsmanship and teamwork. Kids also loved comic books, with ‘Superman’ and ‘Batman’ being the most popular. For more entertainment, families would gather around the TV for nightly programming.

Classic shows included ‘The Lone Ranger,’ ‘The Mickey Mouse Club,’ ‘The Honeymooners,’ and ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’ These family favorites entertained everyone in the home. The 1950s were a great time to grow up.

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Revel in the Simplicity and Joy of Growing Up in the 1950s