Ricky Gervais Gives Medal To Killer Dog. But Wait! This Will Tug On Your Heart Strings.

Multi-talented Ricky Gervais primarily known as a comedian is also making a name in the world of animal awards – and no this is not a joke! Not only does he hand out Golden Globes, he also gives well-deserved awards to top notch animals who are making a name for themselves. Cue: Killer – the K9 trained dog to fight rhino poachers in the South African Kruger National Park.

Killer is the name of a beautiful Belgian Malinois tracking dog who is becoming famous in the fight against rhino poachers. Since 2008 six thousand rhinoceros have been killed – 631 of them in an eight-month period. They have become a target for unscrupulous hunters funded by Asian countries who believe the rhino horn is an aphrodisiac and a cure for AIDS. At the same time, it’s value as a prestigious piece of jewelry is rising. For starving people, a couple of thousand rand is enough to get them to kill a rhino as the animal means nothing in their life.

Gervais presented Killer with a distinguished medal from the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) in the United Kingdom, which is a veterinary charity that pays for medical care for sick animals throughout the UK. Killer has been responsible for the capture of 115 rhino poachers in South Africa’s National Wildlife Park. In 99 years, the PDSA has only ever given out 24 awards. Killer was the proud recipient of the 25th award.

Killer is a courageous and dedicated animal who takes his work seriously, says his handler Amos. He has helped us to catch numerous would-be poachers. Although for every captured poacher there are 10 more new ones.

This is not the first time Ricky Gervais has stood up for animal rights: he is against dolphins being held in captivity, he tweets about dogs in need of shelter and he saved a Chinese moon bear in 2014.

While you are pondering this article and the absolute cheek of the rhino poachers, why not contribute to the Saving the Survivors Charity – for the rhinos that are still alive minus their horns?

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