This Rider’s Horse Has Never Been In Water Before, But When He Touches It His Reaction Is Priceless.

When it comes to animals we all have that one story that we just love to retell as many times as possible. Normally the story is a funny antidote of something that happened but there are also some that is just a fond memory of something that happened with one of our beloved animals.

Well in this video you will see a moment that was truly special for the horse owner and especially for the horse itself. In the video you see a girl leading her horse up to a small pond but she notices that her horse seems very hesitant. In fact, he seems downright scared to go any closer, let alone getting his hooves wet. So his trusty owner does the only thing she knows to do with him and the water.

No, she didn’t push him in, instead she slowly led him up to the edge of the water and allowed him to get used to it. She didn’t rush him or force him to get close, she was very patient and let him get used to being near the water. That was when it happened.

The horse stepped into the water and that’s when it was all over. The horse realized that he didn’t just like water but loved it. You all but see this horse start prancing around in the water, clearly having the best time he’s ever had, and his owner stands there with him and enjoys the moment of him realizing how much he loves to play in water.

This is a story that this girl is sure to share many times for the rest of her life, which we can understand why. We just hope that we are able to find something in our lives that brings us as much joy as water does to her horse!

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